A few months ago, I became the happy owner of a gigantic bag full of embroidery and sewing notions thanks to my Father’s garage sale-ing skills. And when I say a “gigantic bag” I mean child sized. Like, a child could have fit in this bag. Multiple gallon size ziplocs full of floss skeins, an armfull of different sized embroidery hoops, two cases of carded floss, and about 4 abandoned handwork projects. In other words, my old lady addictions have now been matched with a collection of stuff that would make any hoarder grandma proud. Thanks, Dad!
In other words, I’ve been trying to come up with different innovative projects and ideas that could be a creative use of all my supplies, without the time commitment of relying only on embroidery to use my threads up.
I had seen several different kinds of tassel-y accessories around the interwebs, and had even had a bit of experience making tassels for my senior collection (see here) so I thought I’d give it a try a knock out a few recent birthday gifts at the same time.via via via via annamichellejohnson.comSo here they are! I’m planning on doing a small run of these in time for Christmas, so if you have any color suggestions, leave a comment!
xo, Anna Michelle