A First For Everything

I’m happy to share that I have finished my very first quilt! I’ve gotten the chance to contribute to essentially every step of the quilt construction process through because of different projects at my job, but I had never had the time or reason to create my own. Until now!
When my boss first started working on the drawings and strike-offs of her newest line of flannel fabrics, I knew right away I was going to have no shortage of projects with them in mind. Conveniently enough, around the same time I found out that some friends of mine would be expecting a new baby girl. Their very first girl, and the first grand daughter of the family. Sounds like the perfect storm for a baby blanket to me!
IMG_0441 copyIMG_0444 copyI decided to go for a simple wholecloth quilt for my first go-around. Since my background leans much more towards handwork, I figured picking a project that focused on hand quilting and hand sewing would leave a higher probability of it actually getting finished in time. For those of you who may not know, a wholecloth quilt, is a quilt that has no piecing, but instead uses one whole piece of fabric for the front and one whole piece for the back, and often has decorative quilting that emphasizes the design of the fabric (you can see more about that here). Going along with this idea, I chose to create large triangles using running stitches that follow the lines on the heart sided flannel fabric, with each direction of lines making up the triangle being a different color. Finally, I did little floss ties on the right (flannel) side with 3 other colors of floss. IMG_0448 IMG_0453 copy IMG_0446 copyI’m pretty excited about the way it turned out. I was able to whip it out in only a couple of weeks of pick-it-up-when-I-can style sewing, which I think is entirely because every time I started to get bored with one specific step, it was almost time to move on to the next. In other words, baby quilts are the best size for ADD crafters like myself. I still stand by my embroidery/garments/crafting comfort zone, but I did really enjoy this project.

100% Cotton (voile backing- similar here, flannel facing, quilting weight binding)
Cotton Batting
Cotton Pearl, and Embroidery threads (in a variety of colors and weights because I’m the scrappiest)

xo, Anna Michelle