Asheville Pt. 3

There’s obviously lots to do outdoors in Asheville, which is why I definitely suggest going at a time of year when the weather is nice. Although it was kind of chilly for a majority of the time that we were there, we had several really beautiful days at the end of our trip, and we took advantage of it.
The following are all photos taken at the Biltmore Estate. We spent an entire day there, which is what I would recommend if you want the chance to really get to see all of the the house, gardens and farms on the estate.
IMG_9021 IMG_9022 IMG_9039 IMG_9069 IMG_9096 IMG_9110 IMG_9115 IMG_9139 IMG_9163
We opted for the audio guided tour, although these days they have lots of different options including both an architect’s tour, and a Downton Abbey inspired tour. We were really happy to be able to just wander from room to room and hear about bits of the life that this home has lived.

IMG_9204IMG_9228IMG_9230IMG_9225IMG_9219IMG_9187And yes, that is a bucket of sleeping baby goats. My love of farm animals continues!
xx, AM