Asheville Pt. 2

When you stay in Lake Lure, North Carolina, that means 20+ minutes of driving through back roads, hairpin turns, and constant leafy scenery to get anywhere else in the Asheville area. Which might have been really inconvenient if it wasn’t just so strikingly beautiful. Windows down, music up; it was really the perfect way for us to start and end each day.
IMG_8865 IMG_8869 IMG_8895 IMG_8931 IMG_8935
Not-so-little-known fact: I absolutely LOVE cows. Like, a lot. So my sweet sister put up with me everyday as we would drive by these cuties, until I couldn’t take it anymore and finally pulled over to take a picture on the last day. I mean, come on. They’re practically posing!
IMG_9003Until next time!
xx, AM