Promised Land – Part 3

Hi there everybody!
I hope this post finds you all well (:

Things have been CRAZY over here in the Holy Land. And by crazy, I mean crazy AMAZING. God has been revealing so so many beautiful and powerful things to me over the past few days. So much in fact, that I’m sure it’s all I’ll be talking about it nonstop once I’m stateside! So I apologize in advance for any of you that I might overwhelm with Israel ramblings…
Until then though, I’m just going to leave you with a few photos. Know that all of these were taken on my iPhone, BUT I have taken almost 3,000 pictures on my Rebel… So expect to be seeing those as well!






Well that’s all for now folks! Tomorrow we head to Galilee for our last full day in the country ):
I will talk to you all after that though!

Anna Michelle

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  • Grammy says:

    Love the pix! The scenery is beautiful but I really like the little guy looking adoringly at you.
    Can’t wait to hear your Israel ramblings.

    Love you

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