Alright folks, you know the drill: I am really great at consistently blogging for about 2 seconds, and then I go for a couple months with absolutely no content. Soooo since we all know that I have a record for being unpredictable in my updates, I’ll spend just a minute filling you in on what has happened in the past couple months.

I just finished out my sophomore year at O’More, which means that I have been taking more challenging but exciting classes that are directly in my major. Yay! This past semester has been absolutely INSANE, but I have been blessed by amazing friends and opportunities that have made it extremely memorable – although I will say I spent my fair share of free time hunched over my drafting table, or embroidering till I couldn’t see straight!

All that aside, it is now summer time here, which opens a whole new door to crazy-busy-hectic-chaos. Which of course I am welcoming with open arms! It all started with the high school graduations of my sister 2 weeks ago (GO LARA!) and my cousin last weekend (GO MICHELLE!). And the craziness continues now, even now I’m typing this from the Baltimore airport waiting to board my final flight to NYC where I’ll be serving and visiting for the next 7 days! Hopefully I can make an attempt to keep you updated on this trip…

Once I get back from New York, I will spend two and a half (very packed!) weeks in Nashville. During that time I will be working a bunch at both of my jobs. And I have a couple of photography shoots lined up, one of which is a wedding… Did I mention that? Yes, I’m shooting another wedding in just two weeks from today! It’s going to be very different from Holly and Chris’ wedding last summer, so I am very excited for the challenge! I’ll be posting more on that later as well.

A week and a half after the wedding, I will be leaving the country (for the very first time!) to serve on a team from Brentwood Baptist in Tel Aviv, Israel for 11 days. I cannot put into words how incredibly ecstatic I am for this opportunity! God has placed an unmeasurable blessing in my life with this trip and the amazing people I’ll be working with and then serving for. I can’t wait to see what He has in store.

OKIE DOKIE: now to get down to business.
The whole reason I even decided to write up a post today wasn’t actually to fill you in on all of the hot mess that is my life, no no. I have some pictures to share with you! Friday morning I was honored to take my first ever maternity photos of some sweet friends of mine- Amber and Thomas. I’ve known them both for a good while, and they have quickly become a part of my JoAnn family. Amber is due to have a baby girl named Zoey in mid-August, so it seemed like the perfect time to document her progress! So there it is, and here they are:

I have some pretty cute friends! And I know I’ll just love sweet little Zoey too!

Well thanks for stickin around to see all of this insanity, I hope you all have a lovely day!
Anna Michelle

ps: If any of you are on Instagram, that is a really great way to keep up with what I’m working on. I’m much better at posting there! My username is annamichellejohnson!

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