Concrete Jungle – Part 4

Hello there!
I hope you all have been having a wonderful sunshiney week!
The weather finally started to clear up some yesterday, so we got to have camp and see the kids! Yayyyyyy!
We had lots of painting projects, so of course you know I had a blast. And the girls did too. We’ve had several coming back and bringing friends with them, which is really encouraging. We put in a lot of time and effort into this camp, and it is TOTALLY worth it when they say they can’t wait to see us! They just want to know that they are loved. And they are! I am very blessed with this opportunity to love on them.

Last night, Lara and I had some sista sista bonding time at the New York Public Library. Why yes, we are the coolest people ever – try to contain your jealousy.

But seriously though, if you’re ever in New York you should at least stop by because the building and it’s contents are absolutely breathtaking. There is so much history and culture under one roof. I can’t believe I’d never gone before!

We finished off the night with some EXCELLENT food! John’s pizza and gelato? Please and thank you! We had so much fun. There are some really awesome people on our team, and catching up with them has been really great.

This morning Lara and I got up early again to go see another park! This time it was Washington Square Park.
I had only ever seen it from the top of a quickly moving double-decker bus, so it was great to walk around and take pictures!
About to head back to Astoria, so I will talk to you all soon!
I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!
Anna Michelle