Confession: I love Lucky Brand

Fall, have I mentioned that I love it? Because I do. The leaves, the weather, the smell, the colors, but more importantly the clothes. Not only is it happy boots-n-scarf weather, but it also signifies the beginning of a new trend season for those interested. And I can’t claim to be constantly interested (yes, the speed of fashion trends can be exhausting even for fashion design majors), but I must say that I am very pleased and inspired by Lucky Brand’s fall 2011 collection and catalogues. The colors and overall tone of the new line make me very happy inside. Don’t they just warm you up?

I just really want to own all of the clothes in their catalogue. But unfortunately for me, that is not even close to being an option. Therefore I am left to drool over their website, and swoon over their mailers. Which I will continue to do.

If you have read this you are either really bored, or a true friend. Either way, I thank you for your patience in my ramblings and wish you a very lovely day!

~Anna Michelle

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