For those of you out in Internetland who have always wondered what Anna Johnson does to party on her Saturday nights, let me just tell you that it is hard to handle. And by hard to handle, I mean that you’re all going to be jealous. And by you’re all going to be jealous, I mean that I don’t actually party. I bake!
Or at least that’s what I did this past Saturday night. I was inspired by the awesome pictures of rainbow cupcakes I had been seeing on Pinterest lately. I still want to try a layered cake, but we started out with baby steps:

So yes, it was super fun. And they actually tasted really good too!
Unfortunately though, now that I’ve done it once I see many more colorful cupcakes in my future. Expect to see me rolling from place to place from now on.

I hope you have a lovely day!
~Anna Michelle~

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