I Wanna Shoot

I’ve been thinking about it, and even though I’m really pleased with where photography has taken me over the past year, I really don’t want it to get stale. Especially since people are beginning to know what to expect as my work, and it’s actually becoming “work”.
So I’ve decided to make a list of different shoots I would like to do over the next year or so. Just to have fun and get some interesting and different shots for my portfolio. I feel like this list is going to grow…

List: (plus some examples)
1. Bed sheet fort shoot.

2. Film shoot (with my old Pentax).
3. Snow shoot at dusk.
4. Underwater shoot.
5. Face paint shoot.
6. Formal dress shoot.
7. Tree house shoot (specifically this one).

8. Fall colors shoot (complete with scarves and boots).

Well that’s the running list as of right now. Any ideas for good models or locations? I’m open for input!

~Anna Michelle~

PS: I told you this list would grow.
These are additions I’ve made since the original post:

9. Prop shoot. Preferably with my beach cruiser:

10. A sparkler shoot.

11. Color Pallet Shoot.

12. Bubbles Shoot (with kids).

13. Rain(boots) Shoot.

Here’s how the Color Palette Shoot turned out!
Here’s how the Prop Shoot turned out!
Here’s how the Face Paint Shoot turned out!
Here’s how the Fall Colors Shoot turned out!


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