I Wanna Shoot

I’ve been thinking about it, and even though I’m really pleased with where photography has taken me over the past year, I really don’t want it to get stale. Especially since people are beginning to know what to expect as my work, and it’s actually becoming “work”.
So I’ve decided to make a list of different shoots I would like to do over the next year or so. Just to have fun and get some interesting and different shots for my portfolio. I feel like this list is going to grow…

List: (plus some examples)
1. Bed sheet fort shoot.

2. Film shoot (with my old Pentax).
3. Snow shoot at dusk.
4. Underwater shoot.
5. Face paint shoot.
6. Formal dress shoot.
7. Tree house shoot (specifically this one).

8. Fall colors shoot (complete with scarves and boots).

Well that’s the running list as of right now. Any ideas for good models or locations? I’m open for input!

~Anna Michelle~

PS: I told you this list would grow.
These are additions I’ve made since the original post:

9. Prop shoot. Preferably with my beach cruiser:

10. A sparkler shoot.

11. Color Pallet Shoot.

12. Bubbles Shoot (with kids).

13. Rain(boots) Shoot.

Here’s how the Color Palette Shoot turned out!
Here’s how the Prop Shoot turned out!
Here’s how the Face Paint Shoot turned out!
Here’s how the Fall Colors Shoot turned out!


I don’t know if I had mentioned it on here or not, but over the summer I was given the incredible opportunity to intern for none other than the delightful Anna Maria Horner. Anna is professional pattern and textile designer (I KNOW RIGHT?!), mother of 6, and overall superhero. Not to mention she lives and works here in Nashville. She has an amazing blog that I have been following for probably about 4 years now. Over the course of several months and some courageous introductions (on my part) I came in contact with her and have now been working with her for the past two months.
I’m (more than) pleased to announce that I will get to continue working with her! I have already learned so much, and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are to come from this truly awesome job.

For now I will leave you with a picture of her youngest son. And yes, he is the cutest thing ever, and the best distraction while I’m working!

Have a lovely day!
~Anna Michelle~

PS: These are just a few of my favorite things
1. Sun Totem
2. Choose Your Partner (Citrus and dusk are my real favorites)
3. Innocent Crush Voiles
4. Folksy Flannels
5. Seams to Me

Sophomore. What?

Yesterday I started my second year as a design student. What the heck? Where did the time go?
But no matter, I am excited about this school year. I’m taking some really awesome classes (fashion illustration, sculpture, clothing construction II – yeah, be jealous) and I think it’s going to go well.
I’m taking on a lot more this year though as far as work and school. Between juggling multiple jobs and 15 hours of school, things could get interesting. But I will try and stay on top of blogging. . . . even if nobody is reading this.

In other news, I have made an official decision that I someday would like to shoot a lookbook either here:

or here:
Or both. Probably both. But either would involve a quick trip out west. Or a not so quick trip out west. Which I really really want to do right now… buuuut back to reality.
In reality, I painted my nails last night for the first time in forever. It’s never worth it because they always get chipped or covered in paint or glue or other crafting crap within the first 2 minutes of their remodeling. But I was just really in the mood.

There it is!
Have a lovely day!
~Anna Michelle~

Native America

Okay so this post is not going to be anywhere near as outdoorsy and cool as the title sounds (wouldn’t that be a great name for a desert photoshoot? I’m gonna remember that). But instead the purpose of this post is to document the trip that I just took to see my grandparents in Oklahoma City.
We had a lot of fun on this trip. This was the first time I’d been to see them since I’d become a “photographer” (and I use that term very loosely). But it was really great to talk geek with my grandfather who is an incredible photographer, and has shot literally hundreds of weddings.
Alrighty. Due to both my exhaustion and the fact that that the Oklahoma airport’s wifi has a 20 minute limit (stupid) I am not going to be able to explain any of these pictures…. sorry.

For anybody interested, that is a Hasselblad film camera. It is AWESOME.

Aren’t we the cutest? Well, there you have it!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
~Anna Michelle~

The Tastes of Summer

So the Johnson family has been eating very well this summer. A big reason why is because of the delightful garden my Mom decided to grow. Lettuce, tomatoes, oregano, cucumbers, all sorts of goodies. And LOTS of them!

We even have an accidental pumpkin! Pretty pretty:
In reaction to the lovely garden we have been making good use of our vegetables:

And yes. that was home grown pizza. And yes, this was home grown salsa:
And yes, we did eat ALL of both. Don’t judge.
Well I hope you are benefiting from the tastes of summer as much as I am!
Have a lovely day!
~Anna Michelle~

PS: Simply for your visual enjoyment, I am sharing a picture of the cutest dog EVER:
You are welcome.









pinning pinning pinning

So there’s this new fangled contraption that all the kids seem to be using these days. Actually no, it’s just an AWESOME website called Pinterest. It’s a site that let’s you “pin” and organize findings from all over the internet. It’s super easy. And pretty fantastic.
Here’s some of the lovely things I’ve found so far:

Watercolors by Michal Orlowski:

Knittings from McLaughlin Designs:

Photography by Julia Wang:

this hammock:

And this necklace:
That’s just a taste of the wonderful things to be found. Feel free to view my page and have fun!
~Anna Michelle~