Inspiration: Hepburn

Oh Audrey. She was an actress, mother, dancer, philanthropist, gardener and model. I mean seriously. The woman is nothing short of an icon.

Have you ever seen the movie Funny Face? Well if you haven’t,  you should because it is definitely in my top ten favorite movies of all time. It has New York, Paris, 50s fashion in New York, 50s fashion in Paris, dance numbers, photo shoots, Fred Astaire, oh and did I mention Audrey Hepburn? Yeah, it’s a winner.

I would definitely say that the above picture is my favorite shot in the whole movie. Reason #1: Just look at that dress! Can you say knockout?! Reason #2: This is part of a big photo sequence that takes place all over Paris (under the Eiffel Tower, in the Opera Populaire, etc) so you know I’m loving this shot in the Louvre. Reason #3: Behind Audrey in this shot is the famous sculpture Winged Victory a.k.a. my favorite work of art. LOVE IT.

So long story short: Audrey Hepburn is a total boss, end of story.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

~Anna Michelle~

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