We’re Moving!

So things are kind of psycho crazy around my house (thus the 12 day blogging haitus) because we are moving! Every I own is either A. out of place, B. in a box, C. sold, or D. in the process of being sold. Goodness! But we’re getting a fresh start so this is good!

I think moving and being forced to go through all my crap has made me realize several things about myself. For one thing I own an alarmingly large amount of scarves, shoes, earrings and necklaces. Not that this is really surprising to anybody who knows me, but it’s still true. Also, I have random collections of random things: glass, mirrors, pins, pens, yeah you name it. I’m kind of a mess.

On another note, I finished a project! woohoo! Yay for more boring still lifes!

More of these to come I’m sure.

Have a lovely day!
~Anna Michelle~

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