gray gray go away…

Okay so I don’t know about you, but on overcast and dreary days like today it is just hard for me to do anything. Hard to wake up, hard to get going, hard to concentrate, hard to stay awake, you name it. Therefore I feel like today is not only a double shot of expresso kind of day (check!) but it’s also just kind of an “in progress” day. Nothing much is getting accomplished, but I do have a few projects I’m working on:

So I started this scarf back in June. It’s really pretty sad how much time I’m taking on this one, but this is why I started it when the heat index was still at 106. I’m thinkin I’ll maybe get it done by the time it’s actually cool enough to wear it… we’ll see.
More pictures to follow, once it actually gets finished!

Yes, that is the biggest crochet hook you’ve ever seen.

On another note, I have school projects due. Not cool. This one is pretty much finished. I’m about to just call it quits. But here it is:

Yay for boring still lifes!
But whatever, at least it has fringe!

Let’s hope there is some sunshine tomorrow!
~Anna Michelle~

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